Mothers Day
Mother's Day
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As Mother’s Day approaches, what better way to express gratitude than with gifts that shimmer and enchant? Here at Bayfield’s, we’ve handpicked a selection of offerings guaranteed to elevate your Mother’s Day festivities. More than mere gifts, Mother’s Day embodies treasured moments of affection, sharing laughter, stories and heartfelt toasts in tribute to the woman who has enriched our lives immeasurably.

Prosecco Perfection

Raise a glass to Mum’s unwavering love with a bottle of the renowned Grant Burge Prosecco. Delight in delicate bubbles that dance upon the palate, orchestrating a symphony of flavours both invigorating and luxurious. Whether savoured on its own or as the star of a Mimosa, prosecco infuses every celebration with a touch of sophistication.

Mum's Day Guava Mimosas

In a Champagne flute:

90ml: Grant Burge Prosecco

40ml: Guava Juice (or Nectar)

15ml: Triple Sec

Top with soda water

Garnish with a sprig of mint

Indulge Mum in a taste of opulence with our premium selection of prosecco brands, each bottle encapsulating the essence of happiness and togetherness.

Gin and Limoncello Concoctions

Take Mum’s cocktail experience to new heights with a bottle of gin crafted from botanicals sourced globally. Our gin assortment features a spectrum of flavours, from traditional juniper essences to exotic infusions that tantalise the taste buds. Combine the zest of limoncello with gin to concoct cocktails as unique and vibrant as Mum herself.

Limoncello Gin Fizz

In a glass over ice:

45ml: Silent Pool “intricately realised” Gin

15ml: Manly Spirits “Zesty” Limoncello

15ml: Fresh lime juice

5ml: Sugar syrup


Top with soda water

Garnish with thyme sprigs and a lemon wedge

Whether it’s a tangy gin and limoncello blend or a revitalising gin spritz with a splash of soda, every sip is a tribute to Mum’s extraordinary spirit. Explore our complete range for more captivating spirits.

More About the Ingredients:

Grant Burge Prosecco: Crafted in the Barossa, this effervescent prosecco features a green hue with fine bubbles, offering a bouquet of fresh pear, white flowers and pistachio notes.

Silent Pool “Intricately Realised” Gin: A classic gin with over 24 botanicals, boasting a full-bodied and fresh profile with rich juniper essence complemented by floral hints of lavender and chamomile, anchored by the subtle sweetness of local honey.

Manly Spirits “Zesty” Limoncello: Born on the Northern Beaches, Manly Spirits Co. presents this unique Australian twist on Italian-style limoncello. Hand-peeled lemons from the distillery lend a zesty, lemon meringue tart finish, complemented by native botanical distillates from Lemon Aspen and Lemon Myrtle.

In-Store or Online at Bayfield’s

Elevate your Mother’s Day festivities with our exquisite gifts in-store or online! Explore our collection of wines, sparkling wines and spirits guaranteed to make Mum feel cherished, honouring the remarkable women in your life. Here’s to Mum!


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