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A Sweet and Spicy Culinary Gift for Mother’s Day

Mums can be super hard to buy for, so this year The Chilli Factory suggests putting together a selection of gourmet chilli products and special cheeses to give mum the ultimate cheese and chilli pairing taste sensation.

Cheese is the perfect complement to chilli, and there are countless pairings to please every palate. The Chilli Factory offers two unique products that are very versatile, letting you unlock the flavours of the both the cheese and chilli.

The Chilli Factory’s new Ballistic Bee Sting Hot Chilli Honey (150mL $15.00) is made from 100% Australian honey infused with locally grown chillies to deliver a sweet and fiery punch.  Combining the richness of honey with a fruity chilli kick it’s perfect to simply drizzle over cheese, and let the flavours shine. Try a tangy, mellow blue cheese with a drizzle of Chilli Honey for a creamy, sweet, intricate burst of flavour.

A harmonious blend of sweetness and medium heat makes The Chilli Factory’s Sweet Dreams Chilli Jam (190g $10.00) the perfect accompaniment for a cheese platter. Pairing flavourful cheeses such as a soft creamy goat’s cheese with a touch of sweet chilli jam on a plain cracker will delight the taste buds.

It’s best to pick out a few different cheeses at your local grocery store. When deciding on a final array of cheeses, keep in mind that variety is key: variety of textures, flavours, colours, countries of origin. Pick three to five cheeses that look, smell, and taste genuinely different and get ready to explore just how much better they are with chilli honey or sweet chilli jam.

The Chilli Factory products are made in Australia using Australian chillies.  They are available from Independent Supermarkets, Growers Markets, Fine Food Markets and quality butchers nationally.

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