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Christmas Day may be the happiest day of the year in your home, but the weeks leading up to it can feel like a battle. Stress, debt and a never-ending to-do list makes Christmas feel like an annual chore, rather than a memory-making family event. For non-Christian families, the season lacks those moments of quiet reflection and soul soothing spirituality. So, how can lay families put a little meaning and peace into such a silly season?

Focus on the sensory elements, they’re what “stick”

Do you remember what you received each year? No probably not. Do you remember the smell of mum’s fruit cake or does the scent of a pine tree give you instant Christmas feels? But you remember every word to favourite Australian Christmas songs like and at least a few of the kids dance moves you had to practice for the year 3 Christmas pageant.

Give kids more experiences not more stuff

Take time out. More time than you’ve been taking. Instead of fighting off the crowds to find the ultimate table decorations and one more plastic thing, join the crowds taking in Christmas lights displays or singling carols by candlelight. The vibe will be much nicer than a packed shopping centre.

Talk sustainable and charitable values

Use the time to discuss the idea of sustainability at peak “plastic junk” time. Don’t stuff stocking full of $5 trash that will break immediately. And when kids ask for that trash, explain how long it takes to make a plastic trinket, and compare it to how long they’ll likely play with it! Talk about how that $5 could help a local family instead. While the old adage might seem “under catering” in these modern times, take a moment to reflect on it when you’re doing your shopping:

Something they want

Something they need

Something to wear

Something to read


Family identity and belonging for all kinds of families

Christmas lunch with all the cousins. It’s the cliche of Christmas memories and lifelong relationships. But not everyone has an extended family drinking red cordial and white wine in the sun once a year. That doesn’t mean you can’t re-enforce what’s unique and utterly theirs. You are theirs. Even if Christmas is just you and your child, even if you don’t have custody on the big day, you can still create traditions that are purely yours. Create a Christmas Eve Box, pop in a kid-friendly Christmas movie and indulge in your favourite foods. Every food is Christmas food if it’s part of your family tradition. Imagine a lifetime of having warm, happy, comforting feelings triggered every time you smelled… pineapple upside down cake or mango smoothies or whatever you and your child love most! Decide on your favourite special snacks and indulge in them every year. The gift of unsolicited feelings of peace and happiness is the only gift worth giving to your child.



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